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  • Information on Fishing Licenses

    Information on Fishing Licenses
    Fishing licenses are required in most states to take fish legally by angling, hooking, spearing and other allowed methods. Check the most current information regarding your home state's fishing license regulations. Exceptions may also apply when it comes to purchasing licenses.


    Various types of fishing licenses are available depending on the state where you fish. Typically, separate licenses are required for saltwater and freshwater angling. Some states require a stamp for specific types of fish, such as salmon or trout.


    Most states require a fishing license for all anglers within an age range. In California, all anglers age 16 and above must possess a sport fishing license to fish anywhere in the state.


    Most states offer resident and nonresident fishing licenses. Resident fishing licenses typically cost less than nonresident ones. In Washington, you must have a permanent place within the state for at least 90 days as proof to obtain a resident fishing license.


    You can purchase a fishing license online from your state's department of natural resources website or authorized vendors throughout your local area. You are required to obtain a fishing license from the state where you intend to fish unless you are fishing from waters on boundary state lines where multiple state licenses may be allowed.

    Time Frame

    Most often, you have many options when it comes to obtaining the type of fishing license that suits your needs. California offers fishing licenses varying from one-day, two-day, 10-day, annual and lifetime licenses.

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