First Landing State Park in Virginia

First Landing State Park in Virginia
Offering bay marshes, hiking trails, a public beach and a historic setting, First Landing State Park is a jewel in the Virginia State Park system. For outdoors enthusiasts, it offers an alternative to the overdeveloped beaches of Virginia Beach.


First Landing State Park is situated in southeastern Virginia, at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. It is just north of Virginia Beach and roughly 100 miles from Richmond.



The park encompasses 2,888 acres with 1 1/4 miles of beach on the Chesapeake Bay. The southern border of the park is on Broad Bay.


The park has 19 miles of hiking trails, swimming from the beach, birding, fishing, crabbing, canoeing and boating. Canoes and kayaks are not available for rent in the park, but rentals are available in Virginia Beach.


The park maintains 20 cabins on Shore Drive, directly across from a Chesapeake Bay beach that is not part of the park. The park campground includes sites for tent-campers, as well as trailers and RVs.


The park grounds encompass the general area where the first English settlers in Virginia landed before moving on to Jamestown Island. Originally known as Seashore State Park, the name was changed to First Landing in 1997.


According to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, First Landing State Park is the most visited park in the Virginia state park system.


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