What Is Campingaz?

What Is Campingaz?Campingaz (originally known as Camping Gaz) is a European company best identified with their "gaz," or blue containers of butane or propane fuel. In addition to fuel-burning stoves and lanterns, they make a variety of other camping products.


The company was established in 1949, when some engineers in Lyon, France developed their first portable stove fueled from a gas canister. The company grew from there to become a leading European camping gear supplier with international sales.


Coleman, another maker of camping stoves and equipment, bought Camping Gaz in 1996. The name was changed to "Campingaz" shortly thereafter.

Portable Stoves and Lamps

The core products of the company are their portable stoves and lamps, powered by disposable bottles or canisters of butane or propane "gaz." There storage containers are punctured by the stove or lamp when installed, making installation easy but preventing their re-use.

Bigger Stoves

The company also sells bigger, two-burner camping stoves and backyard barbecue rigs. The smallest of the latter can be powered by disposable containers, but most are fueled by refillable tanks.


Campingaz also sells a line of blowlamps and blowtorches that are fueled by the same blue camping gaz bottles as the portable lamps and stoves.

Other Items

The company also has a line of inflatable rafts, air beds, coolers and chemical toilets among other camping and garden items.


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