Hiking & Camping Equipment

Hiking & Camping EquipmentBackpacking is a wonderful way to visit wilderness areas, yet to keep in the spirit of traveling light and leaving only footprints, visitors to the hinterlands should be aware of modern state-of-the-art camping equipment. Such items as aluminum pack frames, plastic tents, water purification devices and high-pressure gas stoves are well designed to make your backpacking experience more enjoyable.

Backpack and Frame

A lightweight aluminum pack frame combined with an expedition-sized waterproof pack will allow you to carry enough gear for a week or more on the trail. The frame should be designed to fit the natural contour of your back, so that you can comfortable carry enough gear for your journey.


Lightweight nylon tents are available to keep you warm and dry, even during intense weather. Always make sure your backpacking tent comes with a separate rain fly.


Camp Stove

Lightweight pressurized stoves that burn white gas are carried by many backpackers to preserve firewood. These efficient cooking contraptions are invaluable above the timberline and in other places where quality firewood is not present or hard to find.

Water Purification Device

Unfortunately the large number of visitors to the outback areas has meant unclean water and the increased presence of Giardia. Mechanical devices will safely purify water without the use of chemicals.

Sleeping Bag

Goose down mummy-style sleeping bags have long been the preferred sleeping equipment of experienced backpackers and mountaineers, especially when night-time temperatures start to approach the freezing mark. You will also need a foam pad between you and the ground for insulation.

Article Written By Henri Bauholz

Henri Bauholz is a professional writer covering a variety of topics, including hiking, camping, foreign travel and nature. He has written travel articles for several online publications and his travels have taken him all over the world, from Mexico to Latin America and across the Atlantic to Europe.

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