Fishing at Lake Kego in Longville, Minnesota

Fishing at Lake Kego in Longville, Minnesota
Lake Kego, located near Longville, Minnesota, is a quiet little fishery where anglers can unwind and reel in some quality fish. You might not catch many whoppers here, but aggressive pike and pesky panfish will bite all day long.

Lake Kego

Lake Kego offers 272 acres of fishing opportunity and lots of species, including bullhead, black crappie, bluegill, pike, sunfish, bass and perch. Most target the bluegill, bass and pike. The lake is relatively shallow with a maximum depth of 20 feet and 62 percent of the lake is 15 feet or less, so all species are easily within an anglers' reach.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth also call Kego home. Worms are best, but most target them with lures and plastics. Bass like brush, weeds or any other structure so look for "bassy" spots. Try early and late in the day. These are warm water fish, so fish spring through fall.


Smaller worms are a top choice for Kego's bluegill. Fly fishers can get into thick bluegill with poppers during the warm months as panfish become active. In colder months, try jigging along weeds with grubs or ice jigs tipped with mealworms.

Northern Pike

Northerns are active in cold water when bass and bluegill slow down. No need to wake up early as pike tend to hit during the daylight hours. Live baits, plugs and spoons work best in coves and off points near weedlines. Try a tip-up in winter through the ice.

How To Get To Lake Kego

Lying about 3.1 miles northeast of Longville, anglers will need to head east on First Street toward MN-84 north. Take the first left onto MN-84 north. Then turn right at County Road 126 going northeast. Then make a right at Song Bird Lane.

Article Written By Brian La Rue

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