Wellston, Michigan Fly Fishing

Wellston, Michigan Fly Fishing
Anglers who have never experienced the great fly fishing around Wellston, Michigan own it to themselves to give it a shot. From big waters to small creeks, the area offers something for everybody.

Manistee River

Manistee River covers approximately 250 miles flowing through the northern lower peninsula. It slowly drops in elevation, making it ideal for steelhead, salmon, browns, rainbows and brookies. Known locally as the The Big, its fish will hit streamers, nymphs and dries.

Bear Creek

Fliers find smaller river action on Bear Creek. This spawning tributary to the Manistee sees steelhead and salmon, but also offers trout. Early and late season steelhead fishing typically grabs anglers' attention, but it is a hot spot for trout on a dry fly.

Pere Marquette River

The Pere Marquette or "PM" for short, is loaded with browns, but also offers migratory salmon and steelhead. It is considered a National Wild and Scenic River. It gets crowded, but late season steelhead and weekday trout fishing keep it on the map.

Pine River

Wild fish and a mountain-stream-type feel is what you'll get on the Pine. It offers trout only, but it features exciting fishing on a variety of flies. Access is limited so you'll want to book with an outfitter.

Michigan Nonresident Regulations

License requirements for nonresident anglers run a fee. A 24-hour license good for all species costs $7. A restricted annual license, good for all species except trout and salmon, runs $34. A license that allows you to fish for all species for the year runs $42. Special restrictions apply.

Article Written By Brian La Rue

Perched atop the Mile High City, Brian La Rue has written outdoor-related articles since 1999. His features have appeared in magazine's including "Western Outdoors," "Fishing & Hunting News" and "High Country Angler." His work can be seen on "ESPN Outdoors." He holds a bachelor's in communications from Cal State Fullerton.

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