Where Is American Samoa National Park?

Where Is American Samoa National Park?
The remote South Pacific islands of American Samoa offer Americans in search of outdoor adventure the opportunity to explore land and sea in the tropics without the need for even a passport. A national park featuring green forests and white sand beaches protects part of the largest island of American Samoa.


American Samoa is an archipelago of seven islands in the South Pacific. It is southeast of the independent nation of Samoa and 2,050 miles northeast of New Zealand.


The National Park of American Samoa is in the north-central part of Tutuila, the largest island of the archipelago.


The park encompasses a large stretch of Tutuila's coastline, including many white sand beaches. From there, it rises sharply into thickly forested mountains.

Hiking Trails

Within the park's boundaries are a number of hiking trails, as well as the opportunity to stroll along the long, undeveloped beachfront. Some of the trails visit World War II historical sites, and one trail scales the 1,600-foot peak of Mt. Alava.


The lagoons of Ofu and Olosega both have sheltered waters and pristine fringing coral reefs teeming with sea life. Both lagoons offer snorkelers plenty to see.

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