Fishing Season in Alaska

Fishing Season in Alaska
Alaska is on the lifetime list for many anglers and it is important to know the fishing seasons before making the trip. The state regulations are divided by region and anglers must check for specific changes in the area being targeted.


Halibut are caught in ocean waters between May 1 and September 30. Exceptions to the general season are made for commercial fishing purposes only.


The general saltwater season for king salmon begins on May 1 and ends on July 20. The freshwater season begins on May 1 and ends on July 31. Sockeye salmon can be caught between June 10 and August 15 and pink salmon can be targeted in the month of August. The silver salmon season runs from August 15 to September 30.


The trout fishing season in Alaska begins on June 15 and ends on October 31 each year, and the steelhead season typically begins in May and ends in October.


The Alaska fishing regions are divided into the Interior, Bristol Bay, Kodiak/Aleutian Islands, South-central and Southeast regions. Each of the latter regions are also subdivided in smaller regions.


The Alaskan fishing seasons are always subject to change. It is important to stay current on the regional regulations. Also be prepared for changes based on the size of seasonal salmon runs.

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