What Is the Difference Between Snowboarding Pants & Ski Pants?

What Is the Difference Between Snowboarding Pants & Ski Pants?
When hitting the slopes for a snowboard or ski run, dressing to keep you warm, dry and comfortable is a must. Wearing clothing designed for your winter sport of choice can even improve your skiing or snowboarding enjoyment. Your clothing won't make you more athletic but choosing specialized gear will allow you to move properly for your chosen sport.


Staying warm and dry are key to enjoying all winter sports. So in ski and snowboard pants opt for three layers of fabric: a waterproof outer layer; a middle insulating, moisture wicking layer; and a comfortable base layer that touches your skin. Good snow pants will have all three layers without being overly bulky or restricting.

Loose Cut

Snowboarding pants are generally baggier than ski pants with a cut and style that allows for lots of movement needed for snowboarding tricks and stunts.


Many will have extra padding in the rear end and in the knee areas of the pants.


Ski pants used to only come in thick, bulky materials. But now you can also find thin, stylish pants that keep you dry, warm and even more aerodynamic.


Pants that are more like overalls, also called salopettes, are also commonly worn while skiing.

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