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    About Tent Campers
    Tent campers come in several shapes and sizes. The campers are designed to be comfortable without the excess size and weight of a full sized camping trailer. Tent campers are easy to tow when compacted and are easy to erect at camp.


    Tent trailers typically weigh less than 1,000 pounds and can be pulled by small trucks and mid-sized vehicles. When parked, the trailers are erected on a frame constructed from metal bars to form a hybrid tent-trailer style camper.


    Tent trailers can be found with a variety of interior features. Common features include beds, bench seats, dining table, sink, stove and storage compartments. Many trailers also have heaters, air conditioning and exterior showers.


    Tent trailers are a compromise between ground tents and full sized campers. The campers provide a high level of comfort and have enough room to sleep several people. The interiors are not large enough for groups over five people but do serve the purpose of couples and small families.


    Tent campers are not built for off road travel and can restrict you from accessing remote campsites. The trailers also restrict campers from towing a boat or gear trailer. Tent campers are suited for short camping trips and medium sized campsites.

    Expert Insight

    Tent trailers can be fitted with racks for towing bikes, rafts and other gear on top of the trailer. This is beneficial for short term camping but can be difficult for camping at a single site and transporting the gear each day.

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