What Is Good Fishing Bait?

What Is Good Fishing Bait?
Many different baits can tempt a fish into biting. Several species of fish will react positively to certain baits, and anglers will gravitate to those baits that work well for them. Knowing how to use a large selection of baits allows an angler to catch fish in many different settings and under different conditions.


Lures come in the most varieties. Spoons, plastic baits, topwater lures, spinnerbaits, in-line spinners, flies, jigs, and poppers are some of the most popular types.


Insect larvae such as grubs, wax worms and mealworms make great bait for fish like trout and crappie. Even ice fishermen will use these baits in the winter months after buying them from bait shops.

Smaller fish

Since bigger fish will eat smaller fish, shiners, chubs, suckers and minnows work as bait. Whether hooked underneath a float or fished through the ice on a tip-up or jigging rod, these baits produce results.

Prepared baits

Prepared baits are often the choice of those that try to catch catfish and carp. These baits can come pre-made in containers or are made by the angler. Doughballs and stinkbaits fall into this category.

Natural baits

Live creatures like night crawlers and crayfish have a proven record of catching fish. These baits appeal to many types of fish and can either be caught by the angler or purchased at bait shops or convenience stores.

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