Alaskan Silver Salmon Fishing Information

Alaskan Silver Salmon Fishing Information
Silver salmon are a popular game fish in Alaskan waters. The fish can be caught in saltwater and freshwater environments on conventional or fly fishing tackle. Also known as coho salmon, the fish are known for strong fighting power and have high culinary value.


Fishing for silver salmon in the coastal waters of Alaska is a popular event. The meat of the fish is fresh and the fight is challenging. Fishing for salmon in the ocean requires trolling spoons behind flashers. Fish and depth finders allow anglers to locate schools of bait-fish and schools of salmon. One of the most productive fishing methods is at the mouths of major rivers just before the spawning runs. The salmon will gather in large groups and feed aggressively before making the long journey upstream. During this time, silver salmon can be caught regularly by casting spoons and spinners.



Silver salmon will migrate through the Alaskan river systems on a one-way trip to traditional spawning grounds. Freshwater anglers can sight fish to silvers with conventional or fly fishing tackle. Drifting egg patterns beneath yarn strike indicators with fly rods and spin rods is productive. Anglers will also cast brightly colored spoons, spinners and streamer flies to entice strikes. The fish are not feeding and must be aggravated repeatedly in order to create a reaction strike.


Saltwater anglers will find productive fishing for silver salmon from July to September in the delta and river mouth areas. Freshwater anglers will find silver salmon in the river systems between July and October. The early part of the run means the fish will be fresh from the ocean and the meat will have a high culinary value. The end of the runs means the flesh will be less valuable and the fight will be more sluggish. The best timing is in August and September during the height of the run.


All anglers are required to have a current Alaska fishing license. The regulations for silver salmon are always liable to change depending on the number of fish being counted. The standard regulation allows anglers to keep two silver salmon in rivers or three in coastal waters each day. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will also add an annual limit if the salmon populations are low.

Expert Insight

Silver salmon are one of the most popular salmon species with anglers. The fish are athletic and will make acrobatic leaps and powerful runs when hooked. Anglers interested in targeting silver salmon must know the seasons and time the trip during the height of the spawning run.


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