St Croix Legend Elite Vs. Legend Ultra Fly Rod

St Croix Legend Elite Vs. Legend Ultra Fly Rod
St. Croix manufactures rods for fly fishing, saltwater fishing, spin casting and bait casting. The rods are American made at the factory in Wisconsin and are represented by numerous professional anglers and guides. The Legend Elite and Legend Ultra are both fly fishing rods produced in a variety of lengths and weights.

Action and Construction

Both the Legend Elite and Legend Ultra model fly rods have a fast action built on a graphite blank. The fast action is ideal for experience casters who need distance and the ability to punch through heavy winds. Both rods also use metal reel seats in the majority of the sizes. The smaller 3 to 5 weight rods have a polished wood reel seat. The components in the rods and the construction is very similar. The main difference is the weight. The Legend Elite uses more graphite in the lower section of the rod to reduce the overall weight. The difference is significant and will be noticed by experienced anglers who spend long days on the water. The lighter Legend Elite will also balance better with modern ultra light reels.



The Legend Elite is available in sizes ranging from 3 to 12 weights and the Legend Ultra is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 12 weights. The 3 to 10 weight freshwater Legend Elite rods are ideal for trout, bass, steelhead and salmon fishing and the specialized 6 to 12 weight saltwater rods are capable of performing in the flats and off-shore. The Legend Ultra is not designed for saltwater fishing but the model does come in the form of a two handed spey rod for steelhead and salmon fishing.


The main style difference in the two rods is found in the grips. The Legend Elite saltwater series and heavy freshwater rods have a fighting butt. The rod is also available in a switch style with a double handle. The legend Ultra uses a single cork grip for most of the rods but the 12 weight has a double handle switch grip and the spey rods have a double full grip design.


Both of the rods are high quality but the Legend Elite is much lighter and is capable of saltwater fishing. The Legend Ultra has the advantage in the spey models that are designed specifically for fishing large rivers.

Expert Insight

The Legend Elite is a lighter, faster rod that will be more comfortable for experienced anglers. The Legend Ultra is a well rounded rod that is ideal for intermediate anglers and capable of satisfying experienced anglers. The Legend Elite would be the best choice for casting in the wind and fishing for long periods of time. Both of the rods are purchased with a lifetime warranty and can perform at a high level.


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