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  • The History of Lake Shasta

    The History of Lake Shasta
    A beautiful reservoir in a wooded setting with many bays to explore, Shasta Lake has been enchanting generations of water- and woods-loving people. This third-largest lake in California boasts a water-holding capacity of 4.5 million acre feet and is situated in the scenic shadow of Mt. Shasta.


    Shasta Lake is actually a man-made reservoir. It happens to be the largest man-made lake in the state of California, with 365 miles of shoreline when full.

    First Area Inhabitants

    The Shastan Indians lived in the forests around the Shasta Lake area. They mostly hunted, fished and foraged for their living. Lake Shasta takes it name from these first inhabitants.

    Early 1800s

    In 1834, Michael LaFramboise, a fur trapper, carved out a trail along the Sacramento River through the Shasta Lake area. This later became part of the famous Oregon Trail that brought settlers to The West.

    The Making of Shasta Lake

    Shasta Lake is part of the Central Valley Project and was originally built for flood control. Construction began in 1935 and was completed in 1945. The lake was full by 1948. Many of the people who came to build Lake Shasta settled in the area and founded the city of Shasta Lake.

    Lake Shasta Today

    There are many boat rental options, camping areas and resorts in the area catering to the outdoor adventurer, his/her family and even the family dog. The most popular activities at Lake Shasta are water skiing, boating, house boating, camping, swimming, fishing and hiking on the many trails.

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