Carp Fishing Tips

Carp Fishing TipsCarp are large members of the minnow family that can achieve weights well in excess of 20 pounds. Carp live in freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers. Carp give an angler a long, drawn-out battle once hooked. There are certain things anglers who target carp will do to catch more of these fish.

Live Bait

Carp will readily take live bait such as a nightcrawler. Anglers will thread the worm onto a hook into a ball shape and cast it out with sinkers attached to the line so that the bait sits on the bottom.


Other Baits

Canned kernel corn and molded dough balls are other popular carp baits. Many people will use treble hooks to keep these baits from coming off in the water when cast out.


A weight placed two feet from the bait will give the line some slack when the carp takes the bait in its mouth. Carp are very sensitive to any resistance on the line and often will spit bait out if they feel anything tugging against them.

Expert Insight

Carp have excellent eyesight and can spot people from under the water. It is always prudent to fish for them while being quiet and staying as still as possible.

Netting Carp

A high-quality fishing net is needed to land a fighting carp. These fish will react adversely upon seeing a net; it is best to keep the net very low in the water and scoop the carp up from underneath them.

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