What Are Some Common Edible Grasses, Weeds and Flowers?

What Are Some Common Edible Grasses, Weeds and Flowers?While plant life varies from region to region, there are some common, widespread grasses, weeds and flowers that are not only edible but good for you. These oft-neglected plants are usually full of healthy vitamins and minerals.


Knowing which commonly encountered plants are edible means you'll have a ready source of nutrition in case of emergency.


Being confident about your plant identification is critical; some plants have poisonous look-alikes such as the Eskimo potato, which has delicious roots, while the almost identical wild sweet pea is poisonous.



Weeds might be the most common of all edible plants; chickweed and dandelion (pictured above) are common garden invaders that are good to eat raw or cooked.



Some plants such as the stinging nettle (pictured above) are only good to eat once they've been cooked. Others such as devil's club and fiddlehead ferns can only be eaten as young tender sprouts in the spring.


Fireweed (pictured at the top), wild roses--not to be confused with domesticated varieties--and chiming bells are common edible flowers you might find at the roadside or on hiking trails. The hips left behind after roses fail are also edible, but one must remove the barbed seeds from inside the hips before eating.

Fun Fact

Plantain, a weed that many go to great lengths to eradicate from their lawns--and that springs up in almost any disturbed ground--is good to eat plucked fresh from the ground.

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