About Rafts

About Rafts
Rafting is a popular sporting activity with guided raft tours popping up all over the country. Whether you enjoy whitewater rafting or prefer a lazy ride on a gentle river, rafting is an activity that just about everyone can enjoy.


Traditionally, rafts were used as a mode of transportation and were made from logs. Modern rafts are made from materials like vinyl and are coated in PVC for water-resistance.


Unlike other types of boats, rafts have no hull. Rafts are inflated and use air chambers to keep it afloat.


There are a number of rivers in the U.S. popular with rafters, such as the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon or the Arkansas River at the Royal Gorge in Colorado.


There are generally two types of modern rafts: the self-bailer and the cataraft. The self-bailer is designed so that when water gets into the raft, it flows out through the stitching at the edges of the raft. The cataraft are named because of their similarity to catamarans, with two pontoons held together by a frame.


When shopping for a raft, consider what kind of rafting you plan to do and how many people you plan to carry in your raft. Also, make sure the raft has enough room for all of your supplies. This helps you determine the size and type of raft you'll need.

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