Benefit of Using Live Worms When Fishing

Benefit of Using Live Worms When FishingThose against using live bait usually believe it to be unethical, causing unnecessary suffering to creatures used to lure a catch. But advocates of using live bait say that it works even when nothing else is catching fish. They say fish prefer to strike bait that closely resembles their natural foods.


Bass, walleye, perch and crappie are examples of fish that readily strike live bait worms.



Worms are one of the easiest live baits to care for; there's no need to change water or feed them beyond providing air holes in their container and giving them fresh bedding every three weeks. Some retailers even store live worms in the refrigerator for long storage.


Worms are free, if you dig them yourself--making them the most cost-effective bait or lure available.


Using worms as live bait is an opportunity to teach children about the food chain and how ecosystems work.


Fishing with live worms means you can get by with a relatively small selection of gear; all you need is a few appropriate hooks, as opposed to the wealth of different lures you might otherwise carry.

Article Written By Marie Mulrooney

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