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  • About Backcountry Vacations

    About Backcountry Vacations
    Backcountry vacations involve stepping off the beaten path, and may be conducted in grand style or rustic simplicity. You can plan a backcountry vacation on your own, or rely on local guides that are familiar with the terrain, climate and wildlife you may encounter.


    Backcountry vacations give travelers an opportunity to view unspoiled wilderness areas that they might not otherwise be exposed to. For many, a backcountry vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



    Common types of backcountry vacations include fishing or hunting in remote waters and lands, whitewater rafting, wildlife viewing and wilderness retreats.


    A backcountry vacation doesn't have to mean roughing it in a tent. While you will encounter these types of rustic self-powered backcountry vacations, there are also established wilderness lodges--or cruises--that give you access to the backcountry while still enjoying luxurious accommodations. 


    Even though you are able to enjoy some parts of the backcountry in luxurious accommodations, some amenities--such as laundry service--may not be available. Likewise, you may be cautioned against some typical behaviors, such as wearing perfume.


    Be aware that a backcountry vacation, by its very nature, implies exposure to dangers that may be beyond your or your guides' control. Backcountry skiers and snowboarders may encounter avalanches, hikers may encounter dangerous terrain or wildlife, and other conditions--such as river conditions for float trips--may be unpredictable.


    Every backcountry vacation outfitter should provide a comprehensive packing list and instructions. Make sure you follow this information closely in order to be best prepared for your trip.


    Article Written By Marie Mulrooney

    Marie Mulrooney has written professionally since 2001. Her diverse background includes numerous outdoor pursuits, personal training and linguistics. She studied mathematics and contributes regularly to various online publications. Mulrooney's print publication credits include national magazines, poetry awards and long-lived columns about local outdoor adventures.

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