Information on Humminbird Fishfinders

Information on Humminbird Fishfinders
Humminbird has been producing fish finders for over 30 years. The brand has been manufactured by several technological companies and has manufactured several top selling models for saltwater and freshwater fishing.


Humminbird fish finders was established in Alabama in 1971. The fish finders were manufactured by a small electronics company named Fulton Electronics. The company modified hospital electronic devises to create depth sound technology capable of locating fish. The company introduced the Super Sixty model as the first waterproof fish finder in 1975. The success of the Super Sixty caused massive company growth and in 1977 Fulton Electronics changed to Techsonic Industries. Techsonic manufactured numerous highly rated models for several decades. In 2004, the company was acquired by Johnson Outdoors. The acquisition did not cause any major changes and Humminbird continues to produce quality products that are represented by professional and recreational anglers.


Humminbird fish finders use sonar to detect fish in lake and ocean waters. The sonar also detects features on the bottom of the lake and displays the depth of the water, depth of the fish and features on the lake bottom.


Humminbird produces several models of fish finders with a wide range of features. All of the fish finders have an LCD display and similar basic functions for finding fish, determining depth and locating features on the lake bottom. The company also has fish finders with GPS for tracking way points, mapping fishing routes and storing information about specific fishing spots. You can also link the advanced models with mapping and weather software capable of providing a live feed of your current course and predictions for the weather ahead.


Humminbird fish finders provide the angler with an advantage over fisherman without a fish finder. Besides gaining the ability locate fish and learn the depth of the fish you can gain an intimate knowledge of fish migration patterns while learning the contours of the bottom at your favorite fishery. The GPS models also allow you to store information about productive and unproductive locations that can be used on future fishing trips.

Expert Insight

Humminbird manufactures some the top selling fish finders. Using a fish finder increases your chances of having a successful day and although the instrument is not necessary, it is valuable as a learning tool. Combine the use of the fish finder with observations about the conditions and time of year and you will learn to track the movements of the fish.

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