Best Time to Travel to China

Best Time to Travel to China
China, across the Pacific Ocean from the United States, covers 9.6 million square kilometers with an 18,000 kilometer coastline. Because China spans nearly 50 degrees of latitude, its climate varies enormously throughout the seasons.


You'll find the best climate for China travel during March through May (spring) or September through early November (autumn). Summer tends to be very hot, while winter can be extremely cold.


Peak Season

Summer (May through early September) is the peak of tourist season in China. There's a lot to see, but you'll have to deal with thick crowds and scarce accommodations.


The Chinese New Year--typically in January or February--is an excellent time to see the nation at its most colorful and entertaining. That's true if you're willing to brave the crowds of approximately 1.3 billion others during this public holiday.


If you must travel during the hot summer, visit high-altitude locations; these places are cooler. In winter, stay in central Yunnan province or locations further south to avoid the coldest temperatures.


If price is an issue, visit during the low season (November through March) when prices are at their lowest. You'll find the highest prices during peak tourist season.


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