Penn Reel Facts

Penn Reel Facts
When it comes to fishing reels, Penn is a well-known and trusted brand. Founded in 1932, Philadelphia-based Penn Reel company manufactures a variety of saltwater and freshwater reels for casual fishermen and professionals alike.

Reel Types

Penn manufactures four types of reels-conventional, international, baitcast and spinning reels.


Conventional Reels

Penn's conventional reels, like the Senator and the Baja Special, are designed to handle heavier line and provide fishermen with torque when reeling in game.

International Reels

Designed to provide strength and durability for the biggest game, international reels are made with one-piece frames and stainless steel gears.

Baitcast Reels

Penn's baitcast reels, like their GS Performance reel, provide casting accuracy and give fishermen control by allowing users to adjust drag settings.

Spinning Reels

Penn's spinning reels are designed for lighter lines and are particularly effective when casting into wind. Penn's spinning reels feature anti-reverse roller bearings and multiple drag settings.

Where to Buy

Penn reels can be found online at and at Additional stores can be looked up at Penn's website.


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