About Bike Racks

About Bike Racks
Some of the best bicycling areas may be more than a bike ride away, and for people who wish to drive to a trail or specific road, a bike rack is essential. Bike racks feature varying mounting options and multiple ways of keeping bikes safe and secure.

Mounting Options

Regardless of the vehicle, there's a bike rack designed to accommodate it. There are racks that can mount on tow hitches, vehicle roofs, car trunks, and rear-mounted spare tires.


Security Features

Many bike racks feature rubber straps to hold the bikes in place, while some racks also have frame cradles to keep bikes from bumping into each other.


Many racks, notably roof, trunk and spare-tire mounted racks, are meant to stay on a vehicle when not in use. Trunk-mounted racks are designed to be removed and fold flat when not in use.


Most tow hitch racks have adjustable arms that fold down and out of the way when not in use. Many also fold away from the vehicle to allow access to the back of the vehicle.


Bike racks come in varying sizes to accommodate different capacities. The minimum capacity is generally two bikes, and the maximum capacity is generally four bikes.



Article Written By Billy Brown

Billy Brown is an outdoor sports writer living in Northern California. An avid rock climber and trail runner, he's been writing about outdoor activities, fitness and gear since 2005. He regularly contributes to "The Record Searchlight," uncooped.com, and Trails.com, as well as other print and online publications. Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Simpson University and is a NASM-certified personal trainer.

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