How Early to Expect the Purple Martin Bird to Arrive in Austin, Texas

How Early to Expect the Purple Martin Bird to Arrive in Austin, Texas
Purple martins are a migratory bird with lovely plumage and the ability to perform stunning aerial acrobatics. Every year, they migrate north from their cold weather retreat in South America, with some returning to colonies in the Austin area.


Purple martins are migratory birds. They avoid the cold by going to South America, and every year, beginning in January, they return to nesting grounds in North America to reproduce and lay eggs.


Austin Area

Austin is in a general area that sees early arrivals of purple martins in Texas. While most of the south and east part of the state start to see arrivals around Feb. 1, Austin can see the first birds arrive as early as mid-January.

Nesting Sites

Unlike salmon and some other migratory creatures, purple martins are not permanently tied to a particular nesting place. They can choose another if their established nest is found unsuitable upon their return.

Dependence on Man

Purple martins of the type that migrate into areas east of the Rocky Mountains, including those who come to the Austin area, are almost entirely dependent on man-made structures to provide nesting areas.

Competitor Birds

One of the main reasons a purple martin couple might have to relocate is because their existing nest is occupied. Starlings and sparrows sometimes reach the area before they do and take their nesting areas.

Bird Houses

Keeping bird houses for purple martins has become popular, with both property owners and even townships putting them up.


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