Camping Toilet Bowl Cleaner Information

Camping Toilet Bowl Cleaner Information
Camping toilet bowl cleaners are formulated to maintain a hygienic mobile environment while camping. Whether you are traveling on the road for several days or for several weeks, it is important to routinely use camping toilet bowl cleaners to eliminate odor as well as remove stains and scale.


Camping toilet bowl cleaners are formulated to remove stains, eliminate odors, deodorize the toilet bowl and reduce bacterial growth.


Camping toilet bowl cleaners are generally applied to the sides of the toilet bowl and under the rim.


Scale makes a toilet bowl appear dull and less shiny. Daily flushing will not remove, so a toilet bowl cleaner is required.


Toilet bowl cleaners are specifically designed for RV toilets, which are not the same as a standard home toilet and should be used as directed by the manufacturer.


Abrasive camping toilet bowl cleaners can scratch vitreous china if specifically manufactured for plastic or fiberglass fixtures. Not all cleaners are safe for the rubber seal inside your toilet bowl.

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