Information on Tree Climbing

Information on Tree Climbing
Recreational tree climbing is an advanced version of what kids do naturally, scrambling unaided amongst low tree branches. The equipment and techniques of recreational tree climbing allow you to reach branches in trees that otherwise would have been far beyond your reach.


Recreational tree climbing involves using a rope and harness to safely scale large trees. The rope is looped over a branch, then the climber scales the rope to reach a high point in the tree.


Tree climbing is a way of immersing yourself in the natural world while at the same time getting exercise. It also has fewer hazards---when done correctly---than rock or ice climbing.


Tree climbing is considered to be suitable for children 5 years of age and older. Boys, girls, men and women may all derive equal enjoyment from tree climbing.


Basic equipment used to climb trees includes a harness, a rope, a helmet, a device to protect the tree branches from the rope, throw bags and carabiners.


A suitable climbing tree must have branches at least 6 inches in diameter; the trunk of a suitable tree will usually measure at least 18 inches in diameter.


Look out for dead branches on the ground (could be more on the tree), fungus on the tree (decay), weak tree roots and hidden holes (loss of strength), and insect nests.

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