The Best Time to Visit the Canadian Rockies

The Best Time to Visit the Canadian Rockies
The Canadian Rockies are an untrammeled wonderland of natural splendor, overflowing with outdoors activities. With so many choices, when to go has everything to do with what one wants to do there.

Bird Watching

Spring and early summer is considered the best bird watching period, mostly because of the arrival of migratory birds. The further south you are in the Rockies, the earlier a particular species is likely to appear.



The Canadian Rockies have a good reputation for fly fishing during the summer. Also, once the region's lakes form a solid layer of ice on the top (in some places as early as the first week of December), it's time for ice fishing.


Rock-climbing season in the Rockies begins in May and ends in October. Of course, by mid-December there is enough ice in many places that climbers could switch to ice climbing instead.

Scenic Drives

Many of the roads in the Rockies are open year-round, but it should be remembered that winter weather conditions between late November and April are severe and demanding. The best time make drives is May to early November.

Hiking and Biking

The ideal time for these activities is one that avoids the worst of the snow or snow-melt spawned mud. That makes May to October the best window for hiking and biking.

Winter Sports

The Rockies are home to skiing, snowboarding, ice diving and numerous other winter sports. These sports are in full bloom even in the lowlands from December to March.


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