About Quad Bikes

About Quad Bikes
Quad bikes are capable of traveling where many larger on-road vehicles cannot. Much like a motorcycle, they're designed for interactive riding, with the rider shifting weight and posture to accommodate the terrain beneath him.


Quad bikes aren't road bikes; "quad bike" is another name for an ATV or four-wheeler, usually used as an off-road vehicle. They may also be called quads or quad cycles.



Quad bikes come in two-, four- or all-wheel drive models. Engine sizes vary from roughly 50cc to 800cc or more, and transmissions may be automatic or manual.


Quad bikes are generally divided into two categories: sport and utility. Sport models are usually small, light, two-wheel drive vehicles that may be used for racing or general recreation. Utility models are larger, with four-wheel drive and the ability to haul loads or tow small trailers.


The United States government recommends wearing protective gear, especially a helmet, when riding a quad bike. This helps protect against head injuries as well as cuts, abrasions and other wounds.


Most states apply DUI--Driving Under the Influence, or drunk driving--laws to quad bikes.


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