Alaska Fishing Regulations for Silver Salmon

Alaska Fishing Regulations for Silver Salmon
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is responsible for issuing and enforcing sport fishing regulations throughout the state of Alaska. Regulations are current as of 2009. Updated regulations--issued each year--and emergency orders issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game may supercede established regulations at any time.

Salt Water Limits

While the overall year-round limit for non-king salmon in Cook Inlet salt waters is six per day and six in possession, only three of the fish caught each day--and three in possession--may be silver salmon.


Set Gillnets

Alaska residents may place set gillnets for silver salmon in Kachemak Bay starting in mid-August during open fishery periods. You must have a valid Kachemak Bay coho salmon gillnet fishery permit in your possession.

Susitna River

The Susitna River drainage and Knik Arm fresh waters are open to non-king salmon fishing year-round, although exceptions may be made in updated fishing regulations or emergency orders.

Anchorage Bowl

Most flowing waters in the Anchorage area are closed to salmon fishing year-round. Notable exceptions, listed in the complete Alaska Department of Fish & Game regulations, include Bird, Campbell and Ship creeks.

Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Peninsula fresh waters are open to fishing for silver salmon greater than 16 inches long year-round, but Kenai Lake and its drainages are not. Silver salmon less than 16 inches may be subject to seasonal restrictions.


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