About Energy Bars

About Energy Bars
Since the 1980s, energy bars have become an increasingly common sight on store shelves and in the hands of athletes. The carbohydrates in the bars can provide a boost of energy, but should not be considered a meal substitute.


An energy bar is meant to be a quick source of energy for those engaged in strenuous sports and activities. They usually take the form of a baked good or other snack treat.


Because they are meant to be quick energy, energy bars typically contain heavy carbohydrates and sugar content. For example, according to Powerbar, a Powerbar Performance bar consists of 75 percent carbohydrates and sugars.

Homemade Energy

Because power bars are so carb-intensive, they are easy to bake yourself. There are a variety of recipes available for homemade energy bars, allowing you to tailor the exact nutritional requirements to your needs.

Weight Gain

While energy bars are a handy, reasonably healthy source of fuel for those engaged in strenuous activity, those who are not exercising much will find that they are a quick ticket to gaining weight. The body converts unused carbs into fat, so energy bars should not be eaten as snacks by the sedentary.

Energy Drinks

Energy bars work differently from energy drinks. While bars provide easily digested fuel, energy drinks accelerate the consumption of that fuel, leading to the energy drink "crash."


While some energy bars are tailored to provide extra vitamins or protein, they are classed as dietary supplements for a reason. Energy bar products are not substitutes for a well-balanced diet, according to "Energy or Candy? The bar facts" by Suzanne Martin.

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