What Information Is in a Passport?

What Information Is in a Passport?
Before traveling abroad, every individual must obtain a passport to not only enter foreign countries, but also to reenter the United States. A passport is a very valuable item as it serves as an internationally accepted source of identification. Most of the information contained within is of a personal nature and should be guarded as such.

Personal Information

Every U.S. passport contains a photo of the passport holder, along with his full name, date of birth, sex, place of birth, passport issuing authority, and validity (date of issue and date of expiration, which is 10 years after the issue date for an adult). Non-U.S. passports contain the same information in addition to such things as height, eye color and sometimes religion.

Passport Number

The passport number is the passport holder's identification number and is used for entrance to and exit from foreign countries.

Emergency Information

The passport provides space for the holder to write in a personal contact's address and phone number in case of emergency.

Before Traveling

Information printed in the passport gives advice to consider before traveling. This includes phone numbers and websites for health and travel information, insurance and safety.

While in a Foreign Country

Printed inside the passport is information that offers helpful hints on how to behave while visiting a foreign country and what to do in case of emergency.


Some countries require a visa from passengers who are traveling to countries for pleasure, work, business or as a volunteer. A visa can sometimes simply be a stamp received in the passport upon entry or it can be an officially issued document with the passport holder's name, passport number and reason for visit.

Article Written By Patrick M. Lind

Patrick M. Lind has been freelance writing since 2007 and has worked as an editor and journalist for ChicagoSporting.com. He received a Master of Arts in history from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

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