Travel Requirements to Chile

Travel Requirements to Chile
Chile is a vast and environmentally diverse land of rugged, high mountains; forests; glaciers; and desert. Patagonia, home of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile's most scenic and diverse landscape, attracts hundreds of tourists each year. Informing yourself about Chile's travel requirements is essential to navigating this extremely diverse country.


A valid passport is the only requirement for travel to Chile. No visa is required for entry; however, travelers must fill out a tourist I.D. card upon entry, keep it while traveling throughout Chile and present it upon leaving.

Entry Fee

All U.S. citizens arriving in Chile must pay a $131 reciprocity fee that is non-negotiable. This is a one time fee upon entry that is good for multiple visits until your passport expires.

Currency Exchange

The rate of exchange as of October 2009 for the Chilean peso to the U.S. dollar was 556.897 pesos to $1. The simplest way to withdraw money in Chile is by debit/ATM card, since larger banks offer better rates and fees than money currency exchanges. Banks and ATMs are located throughout Chile, and American currency is widely accepted.

Children's Travel

All children traveling throughout Chile under age 18 must have documented proof of birth and permission to travel that has been notarized by a member of the Chilean consul. Documents should be photocopied and left attended by a trusted family member or friend before departure in case of emergency.


Chile has reported no threats to Americans, and the threat of terrorism is low according to the Department of Homeland Security. For a police emergency dial 133; for an ambulance dial 131.

Article Written By Jeremiah Blanchard

Jeremiah Blanchard has been writing professionally since 2006, specializing in topics related to nature, the environment, conservation and philosophy. His work has appeared in activist columns on Socyberty and Authspot. Blanchard studied art at William Carey College and history at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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