Tourism in Istanbul, Turkey

Tourism in Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, borders the Bosporus Strait with Europe to the west and Asia to the East. Though its history dates back 300,000 years, nearby you'll find such modern outdoor delights as bicycling, hiking and water sports.

Getting There

Though Istanbul is well-served by bus and rail connections, most Americans arrive via Ataturk Airport, which owns a cheap connection to the city called the Havas bus service.


Americans arriving by air need a passport and a 90-day sticker visa, which can be bought at the airport. Those arriving by cruise ship do not need the visa if they are not staying overnight. See Resources for more information.


Istanbul enjoys four seasons, with summer showing both high humidity and high temperatures averaging 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter temperatures drop to 41 degrees.


The city's beaches are easily accessible by public transportation. The closest ones, though not in the best shape, are at Florya and Atakoy on the European side. Further afield on the Black Sea are the better facilities of Sile and Agva. See Resources for more information.


About 60 miles from Istanbul, Agva is an outdoor lover's paradise with hiking, fishing, swimming, bicycling and canoeing among rugged landscapes, rivers and seas. See Resources for more information.

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