Fall Tourism in Wisconsin

Fall Tourism in Wisconsin
Wisconsin is an adventure tourist's dream destination, with 14,000 lakes plus thousands more rivers and streams good for hiking. Home to the first hydroelectric plant, ice cream sundae, Republican Party, kindergarten and original Barbie doll, Wisconsin is known for its forests and greenery that call to tourists every fall. While hiking the many trails, watch as that greenery explodes into a burst of sunny fall colors. Other activities such as birding and beer crafting also ramp up in the fall season.

Time Frame

The trees begin to show their colors in mid-September and "bloom" until the end of October, varying throughout the state. Throughout the state, the colors of red, yellow and orange take over the forests, gardens and rivers. Temperatures in September and October range between 41 and 70 degrees with 2.4 to 3.4 inches of rain per month.


With mile upon mile of forest, Wisconsin offers hikers a beautiful rainbow of scenery each fall. Whether you view the fall foliage by hiking, kayaking the Wisconsin River, camping at Wyalusing State Park or exploring the Kickapoo Indian Caverns, the fall season will have you awash in beautiful colors.

Brewery Tours

Wisconsin's 500 breweries are in high season during fall, welcoming visitors with tastings, lectures and tours. At the Beer Cave, visitors can mix and match their own six-packs. The Capital Brewery offers an indoor and outdoor beer garden, live music and special events.


Fall tourism includes the opportunity to fish for the muskellunge (the state fish) along with salmon, chinook, coho and walleye. Birding enthusiasts will enjoy trying to spot the greater prairie chicken and worm-eating warblers in five hike-worthy birding spots.

Fun Fact

Wisconsin gets its name of "The Badger State" from early miners who dug their homes and mine shafts out of hillsides, mimicking the way badgers dig their homes. Some of these old home sites and mine shafts are still standing throughout the state and are available to tourists via walking tours.

Famous Ties

The following famous folks were born in Wisconsin: Harry Houdini, Orson Welles, Frank Lloyd Wright, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist.

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