Interesting Facts About Svalbard

Interesting Facts About Svalbard
The Svalbard Islands, in Norway, were first discovered by arctic expeditions in 1821. They are made up of four main islands and about 150 lesser islands. Tourism in Svalbard offers a number of fun activities for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.


The islands have a mild climate, despite their close proximity to the North Pole. Fog is common in the fall, there is a minute annual rain and snowfall and a temperature range of -14 degrees C in the winter to 6 degrees C in the summer.


If you plan on staying on Svalbard, you will likely lodge in Longyearbyen. This is the largest settlement, with a population of 2,075, and the perfect place to explore the area.

Polar Bears

Wildlife enthusiasts will thrill at the sightseeing they'll do on Svalbard. The most popular animal to watch in the area is the Polar Bear, which is seeing a decline in numbers, though it still flourishes here.

Summer Activities

During the summer months it is possible to explore Svalbard in a number of ways. Hiking can be done on land, and sea kayaking is popular on water.

Winter Activities

During the winter, one of the most popular activities is to ski. Ice skating, sledding and viewing the Northern Lights are also popular activities.

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