Moroccan Tourism

Moroccan Tourism
Morocco is located in North Africa, and has a population of 32 million. Morocco has fabulous tourist attractions, from beautiful architecture to world-class beach resorts. Rich in culture and history, Morocco is a must-visit destination for the tourist looking for a touch of the exotic.

Travel Documents

Every tourist visiting Morocco must have a valid passport. Tourists from the European Union, Switzerland and Canada may travel without a visa, but United States citizens must apply for a visa to visit Morocco.


Morocco is sunny and warm almost year-round. Spring is the most pleasant time to visit, climate-wise. Year-round, temperatures range from a mild 60 to 95 degrees F.

Art and Architecture

Anyone who enjoys art and architecture will love Morocco's plethora of museums, archeological sites and palaces. Volubilis is an archeological site that's on the World Heritage List. The site was once occupied by Roman conquerors.


Morocco is set along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Beach resorts offer a variety of water activities, such as sailing, surfing and scuba-diving.


Moroccan cuisine is flavorful, intense and delicious with dominant flavors of cumin, saffron and coriander. People who enjoy food will love Morocco's variety of restaurants, from cozy family-owned storefronts to world-class restaurants.

Article Written By Annie Wang

Based in Chicago, Annie Wang has been writing since 2008. Her work has appeared in World Architecture News and other online publications. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and art history from the University of California, Davis.

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