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  • The Bahamas Landforms & Water Features

    The Bahamas is a group of islands located in the northern Caribbean.Some of the landforms seen here are rarely seen elsewhere. The waters of the Bahamas are known to be some of the clearest in the world. (Pictured below: Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas)
    The Bahamas Landforms & Water Features

    Bahama Islands

    Of the approximately 700 total islands making up the Bahamas, only 30 are inhabited. The stretch of water containing the islands that make up the Bahamas is known as an archipelago. Each island has unique physical features. Andros is the largest island of the Bahamas. There are cruise ship ports in Freeport and Nassau. Freeport is located on Grand Bahama, which lies at the northern end of the archipelago. Nassau is located on New Providence Island, which is connected by a bridge to neighboring Paradise Island. Other popular tourist destinations include Bimini and Eleuthera. 

    Cays of the Bahamas

    There are more than 2,000 small, sandy cays dispersed throughout the Bahama Islands. These are also referred to as islets. Some of the cays are uninhabited, while others are home to exclusive resorts and very expensive houses and condominiums. 


    The Bahamas is known for incredibly beautiful white sand beaches that provide access to some of the clearest, most beautiful water in the world. Some of the beaches are tucked away and not accessible by car, while others are situated in locations that are easy to get to for tourists. 

    Coral Reefs

    The Bahama Islands come from coral reefs. When the sea level dropped hundreds of years ago, these reefs dried out and became islands. Five percent of the world's coral is in the waters surrounding the Bahamas, leading to incredibly beautiful underwater geographic formations. The area makes up the world's third-longest barrier reef.

    Mount Alvernia

    There is one very small mountain in the Bahamas, though it is really more of a hill. Mount Alvernia, which is is located on Cat Island, stands 206 feet above sea level. It is the highest point in the Bahamas. Locals often refer to this landform as Como Hill. 

    Clear Caribbean Water

    The Bahamas are surrounded by some of the clearest water in the world, making it a wonderful destination for snorkeling. Visibility stretches more than 200 feet in some areas because the Bahama Islands are made up of calcium carbonate. 

    Visiting the Bahamas

    If you have an opportunity to travel to the Bahamas, be sure to explore the major landforms and other attractions this beautiful island paradise has to offer. Whether you visit via cruise ship, stay in an inclusive resort or secure other types of accommodations, you're sure to find plenty of things to do during your Bahamas vacation

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