What Do Frogs Eat in Yellowstone National Park?

What Do Frogs Eat in Yellowstone National Park?
Yellowstone draws large numbers of visitors who come to see the abundant wildlife, but most of these tourists are thinking of big mammals rather than humble amphibians. However, the park's ponds and forests are home to a variety of frog species, each with their own particular diet.

Boreal Chorus Frog

These small and elusive frogs eat ground-based insects as adults. As tadpoles, they live on water plants.

Columbia Spotted Frog

This is the best known frog in Yellowstone, and they eat mostly insects, and are very opportunistic feeders. They will go after both flying and ground-based insects, algae and plants, and sometimes even mollusks.

American Bullfrog

This is the biggest frog in Yellowstone. They also eat mostly insects, but these frogs (especially the biggest of the lot) can catch and eat minnows, crayfish, small birds and snakes, and even other frogs.

Wood Frog

Wood frogs eat primarily insects, but also other small invertebrates like slugs or snails.

Great Basin Spadefoot

This frog is a daytime forager who lives off a diet of mostly ants, beetles and earthworms.

Global Warming

Climate change is threatening many species of amphibians in Yellowstone, including the frogs. The warmer temperatures are drying up the ponds needed for frog reproduction.

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