Information on Fishing on Kangaroo Island

Information on Fishing on Kangaroo Island
Located only 70 miles southwest of Adelaide in the state of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is a popular tourist attraction that attracts more than 100,000 visitors each year. Kangaroo Island and its diverse coastline offer multiple opportunities for fishing year-round. Being familiar with information on fishing at Kangaroo Island will help you to plan a successful trip.

Freshwater Fishing

The rivers and streams that run throughout the island are home to three types of trout and one type of eel; however, most visitors don't fish the inland waterways of Kangaroo Island. If you choose to try out the freshwater on the island, it is important to remember that it is illegal to fish in the streams and rivers of the National Parks of Kangaroo Island.


Subtidal Fishing

Subtidal fishing, which is rock fishing from offshore reefs, allows visiting fisherman to catch a variety of fish such as perch, mullet fish, blue groper and spiny leatherjacket.

Intertidal Fishing

The intertidal fishing in the bays and estuaries of Kangaroo Island are home to red mullet, snook, snapper and whiting.

Deep Sea Fishing

You can try deep sea fishing for tuna, snapper, shark and sea perch through one of the many fishing charters available on the island.

Fishing Regulations

Kangaroo Island has strict bag and boat catch limits that you can become familiar with through the Department of Primary Industries and Resources of South Australia website. Similarly, no marine organisms may be removed from the island.


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