About Traveling With Kids

About Traveling With Kids
Traveling with kids can be a completely different experience than traveling without them. Kids have extra needs and sometimes don't have the same patience and tolerance as adults. Traveling with kids can be fun for you and them but your trip will be a lot smoother if you are carefully prepared for the experience.


You'll need patience and endurance to travel with kids. Even the most well-behaved kids are going to make more noise in a car, plane, train or bus than what many adults would prefer. Don't expect kids to act like adults but encourage them to entertain themselves with a little less energy.


Plan to bring items for the kids such as toys and books that will keep them busy. Kids have a very short attention span and toys will make the trip more entertaining and enjoyable for them. Bringing new toys and books the kids have never seen before is a nice surprise.


Always be prepared by bringing along children's medicine. Kids can get sick without any advance warning. Some standard items to consider are cough medicine, children's Tylenol, anti-itch cream and suntan lotion.


Flexibility is key to traveling with kids. Kids not only get bored with rigorous schedules but they have to make several bathroom stops along the way and can get hungry sooner than your planned lunch or dinner break.


Kids have different safety needs than adults, especially younger kids. Be prepared to devote a good amount of time to watching your kids and and making your destination child-friendly and safe. Consider bringing safety gates and electrical outlet covers. Also consider dressing your child in clothes that stand out in a crowd.

Article Written By Larry Amon

Larry Amon has been working in the computer field for more than 10 years and has experience writing scripts, instructional articles and political commentary. He has been published online, as well as in "NRB Magazine" and "Delmarva Youth & Family." He started a nonprofit media organization in 2000.

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