China Travel Requirements

China Travel Requirements
Traveling to the People's Republic of China can be rewarding and fun as long as the travel requirements set by the Chinese government are strictly followed. In this communist-run country, travelers must be aware that failure to follow the law will result in harsh punishment.

Entry Requirement

Most everyone entering the People's Republic of China will be required to have a visa and a passport. Depending on a traveler's country of origin will determine how long one can be in the country without obtaining a valid visa.


Police Registration

All foreigners are expected to register with the local police department within 24 hours of arrival. Most hotels will do this automatically; otherwise, travelers will need to go to the police station themselves.


Many governments, including China's, now request proof that a minor is allowed to travel into foreign countries. A birth certificate, if both parents are present, or a notarized letter stating the child has permission to travel signed by the absent parent will suffice.

Dual Citizens

The Chinese government does not recognize dual citizenship. Travelers should enter the country under the passport of the country who's consulate or embassy they would contact in case of an emergency.

Exit Requirement

Travelers must exit the country before their visas expire. Many Chinese flights are overbooked, so reporting to the airport early will help ensure the traveler will be able to leave on time. Extending visas or replacing lost passports can take up to seven days.



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