Ireland Travel & Tourism

Ireland Travel & Tourism
Ireland's cosmopolitan cities, vibrant culture, rich history and lush landscapes draw millions of visitors from around the world each year. Outdoor enthusiasts among these visitors come to take advantage of the opportunities for outdoor activities and adventure travel.


Golf courses located throughout the country offer avid golfers ample opportunities to play while visiting Ireland. More than 240,000 golfers from around the world travel to Ireland each year to play on more than 400 golf courses in the country.


The lack of a fishing season in Ireland allows visitors to fish all year long. Anglers can fish secluded ponds, running rivers, calm canals or in the waters of the Atlantic.


Many visitors choose to tour Ireland on two wheels. Tourists can bring their bikes and explore on their own or take part in a guided tour from a tour provider like Bike Hire Island or Irish Cycling Safaris.

Adventure Travel

A variety of tour providers offer opportunities for visitors to see Ireland's lush landscapes from alternative points of view. Flyni offers Irish Cycling Safaris while the Irish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association provides visitors with the opportunity to soar above the terrain on a hang glider.


Ireland's location in the North Atlantic makes it an ideal destination for experienced surfers. Surf clubs around the country offer board and wetsuit rentals in addition to group and private lessons.

Article Written By Beth Culp

Based in New Orleans, Beth Culp has been a freelance writer and producer since 2004. She enjoys researching and writing about a variety of topics, including travel and outdoor adventure. Culp holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications and sociology from Loyola University New Orleans.

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