The Best Time for Halibut Fishing in Alaska

The Best Time for Halibut Fishing in Alaska
While most anglers who visit Alaska to fish are focused on salmon or trout, saltwater sport fishermen will find the local seas rich with halibut. The best place to find them is along the stretch of coast from the Aleutian Islands to the extreme southeast of the state, where they follow a migratory pattern. Therefore, the best time to fish for halibut is related to the best place to find them.


Halibut can be found throughout Alaskan waters in good numbers between mid-May and mid-September. It's possible to catch halibut just about anywhere in Alaska's seas during this time, although some areas may be better than others.



Halibut live near the sea bottom, so the best time to go fishing for them is around high slack tide. That is when it is easiest to keep a sport fishing line on the bottom.

Prince William Sound

The Prince William Sound area has a slightly larger window for fishing halibut. They run there from April through September, peaking around June.

Kenai Area

In the Kenai area, the best time to catch halibut is generally from May to August, but good catches are still possible as late as September and October. There is a small halibut presence February through April, and none at all from November to January.

The Southeast

The southeastern coast of Alaska has halibut fishing year-round, but they are not present in large numbers until June through September.

Bristol Bay and Kodiak Island

Halibut are present in the waters of Bristol Bay year-round, but they are never present in large numbers. While halibut fishing is possible here, the results are always mediocre.


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