Kruger National Park Tourism

Kruger National Park Tourism
Kruger National Park in Africa includes 147 species of mammals and 507 species of birds, which are protected within park boundaries. On a drive through the park, a visitor may encounter animals crossing the road at any point. Some areas have bushman paintings on stones and there are two archaeological sites in the park.


Kruger National Park began in 1898 when the government under President Paul Kruger created the Saabi Game Reserve to protect wildlife species in the Lowveld of South Africa. Not until 1902, after the Anglo-Boer War, was a park warden selected.


This park is located on a strip of land in the northeastern region of South Africa. Across the eastern park boundary is the nation of Mozambique and Limpopo National Park.


Kruger National Park is about 7,722 square miles, or 2 million hectares, in size.


Visitors to Kruger National Park can choose to stay at one of 13 rest camps, five bushveld camps, two overnight hides, two bush lodges or eight luxury lodges. An overnight stay may include guided walks or drives in a closed vehicle to observe wildlife.

Fun Facts

Tsessebe, caracal and black-backed jackals are among the rare wildlife species in Kruger National Park. A tsessebe is a type of African antelope and a caracal is like a small-sized cougar.

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