France Travel Guide

France Travel GuideMany tourists love traveling to France to experience its fine cuisine and wines, art museums, and historic monuments. No matter your preference, you will find activities that suit your taste. (Pictured: Dawn over Eiffel tower and Seine, Paris, France)

Getting There

You must have a current passport to travel to France. If you are traveling to France from the United States, you may arrive in the Paris, Nice or Lyon airports, and ride on Delta or Air France.



France offers over 18,000 hotels and inns. They range in price from about $115 for a very comfortable hotel to over $400 for a luxury hotel. Most hotels in France will charge extra for breakfast.


Visit different regions of France to sample some of the finest cuisine. In Normandy, sample escalope de veau normande, veal served with a mushroom-cream sauce, or in Rhone-Alpes try la fondue savoyarde, cheese fondue with soaked bread.


Schedule a tour at the Bordeaux Vineyards, where you will visit some of the famous appellations, including the Medoc and the St. Emillion. Enjoy tasting some of the finest wines at the chateaux.

Famous Monuments

Visit Paris to view the Eiffel Tower (pictured at top), which allows guests to ride up to the second and top levels and gaze out at the entire city. Notice the history of the Arc de Triomphe, which shows Napoleon being crowned, and the triomphe of 1810, peace, resistance, and the end of the volunteers.

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