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  • Facts About Baja California Sur

    Facts About Baja California Sur
    Covering an area of over 45,000 square miles, the Mexican peninsula of Baja California Sur ("Lower California South") is surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, which is also known as the Gulf of California. It features beaches, bays, islands and a mountain range that rises to almost 2,000 feet.


    According to the U.S. Department of State, Americans require a passport to enter Mexico but do not need a visa or tourist card for stays of 72 hours of less within 18 miles of the border (see Resources).

    Tourist Card

    For longer stays or journeys farther in, an easy-to-obtain tourist card is available from Mexican consulates, border crossings or tourist offices (see Resources).


    Taking your car into the peninsula involves a lot of paperwork hassle and may not be covered by your insurance. Consider renting a car instead.


    Accommodations can range from free, like camping on the beach, to expensive, such as resorts in the cities of La Paz and Los Cabos (see Resources).


    Though outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and cycling are possible all year, the best times are in the winter when temperatures average in the comfortable 70s F.

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