What Is the African Lion Safari?

 What Is the African Lion Safari?Spanning 50 acres, the African Lion Safari is one of Canada's most unique attractions, allowing visitors to explore a conservation reserve geared towards exploring Africa's native animals in a free-roaming environment. Founded in 1969, the African Lion Safari features a number of endangered species, some of which have successfully bred over time.


Conveniently located just one hour by car from downtown Toronto, Ontario, the African Lion Safari is about 10 miles off of Highway 6. The area is isolated and reminiscent of a true African safari.



The African Lion Safari features more than just lions. Visitors can drive through the reserve and see giraffes, monkeys and a variety of birds.


Guided bus tours are offered for an additional fee, allowing individuals, couples and families to learn about the vast aspects of the African animals in a wild environment simulating their native habitat.


Additional expeditions can be had through water or by rail. The "African Queen" boat cruises on a lake where visitors see a number of waterfowl, while the "Nature Boy" railroad brings guests into a natural forest with a wide variety of forest creatures.

More Adventures

For those looking for a more relaxed adventure, the African Lion Safari also features various animal performances. These include parrot and bird shows, as well as elephant swimming entertainment.


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