Bermuda Travel Information

Bermuda Travel Information
Bermuda, known for its vast shoreline and exquisite beaches, has much to offer in terms of unique outdoor activities. The tropical climate and crystal-clear ocean waters make Bermuda the perfect place for many different types of water activities, and Bermuda is the ultimate destination for many outdoors enthusiast. These are some of the most popular activities offered along the coasts of Bermuda.

Shipwreck Dives

Bermuda offers one of the most unique diving opportunities in the world--shipwreck dives. With over 300 wrecked ships lying on the ocean floor, divers can choose which ships they want to tour. Guided tours are available almost every day, and the cost varies depending on the company the dive is booked with.

Reef Dives

Bermuda boasts over 400 square km of coral reefs. The vibrant Bermuda reefs are always healthy and filled with a variety of sea life. Different diving packages are available for beginner divers to expert divers, and even for children who want to learn what diving is all about.

Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing in Bermuda is an activity sure to get your adrenaline rushing. Fishing boats equipped with a captain and crew can be chartered for different lengths of time. The summer months provide great fishing with an abundance of white marlin and yellow tuna.

Swim With Dolphins

DolphinQuest, an organization that provides Bermuda tourists with dolphin encounters, offers multiple packages that allow individuals to swim and interact with dolphins (see Resources).

Crystal Caves

Bermuda is the home of many caves, some located almost 80 feet below the ground. The famous Crystal Caves are located between Castle Harbour and Harrington Sound. Tourists are invited to trek through these exquisite caves filled with stalagmites and stalactites.


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