Camping Survival

Camping SurvivalCamping is a pastime that many individuals and families enjoy. Taking the time to prepare for a camping trip and abiding by a few basic survival tips will keep you from experiencing many obstacles which even some experienced campers may not always anticipate.


Abide by campfire regulations on a campground and don't use your campfire to burn your trash.


first aid kit

Carry a first aid kit with all the essential items to help you be prepared for injuries which may not be too serious, such as bug bites and minor cuts and burns.


Use established campgrounds instead of unpopulated wooded areas. Carrying a map and using GPS equipment will help keep you from getting lost and assist you with getting to where you want to go.


You may want to consider carrying a portable toilet or digging a latrine if you plan to camp out in an area without regular toilets in order to ensure the most sanitary conditions.

Fun Fact

boil water

Boiling water for a little under 15 minutes will purify it and ensure that it is safe for drinking.

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