Travel Requirements for South Africa

Travel Requirements for South Africa
If you're thinking about traveling to South Africa to experience an exotic safari, you may be wondering what travel documents and inoculations you will need to enter the country. Planning a trip to South Africa is not as difficult as you might think.


Citizens of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia will need a current passport that has been valid for six months to enter South Africa. And you will need a valid passport to return to your home country.


Apply for and receive a visa for South Africa at the consulate in your country. You will need a valid passport with at least one unused page, documentation that shows the purpose and duration of your visit, two photo IDs and proof of monetary means, such as a bank statement or pay stubs. If traveling by air, you must have a return or onward airline ticket.


According to the South Africa Travel Act, you must provide a yellow fever vaccination certificate if you are arriving from a country or passing through a country that has yellow fever. The Centers for Disease Control also recommends a typhoid vaccination four to six weeks prior to your visit.


Malaria is carried by mosquitoes and is prevalent in South Africa. There are no preventative inoculations for malaria, but there are several antimalarial drugs to treat the condition.

Staying Healthy

Prevent insect bites with repellent and netting whenever possible. Drink water that is bottled or has been boiled, and always wear shoes to prevent other infections.

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